*Girardville Parade Committee expects all parade participants and spectators conduct themselves with appropriate behavior and respect others during the day’s events.


*Parade spectators are reminded to refrain from entering the roadway (parade route) during parade and disrupting its movement. Individuals will receive only one verbal warning from a police officer or security official. Continuing to be disorderly or causing a disruption of the parade will result in a disorderly conduct citation from law enforcement personnel.


*All individuals are reminded that the Girardville Borough has an open container ordinance. Individuals who signs of extreme intoxication and disorderly behavior while having an open container in their procession will receive a citation for having an open container and the possibility of receiving additional criminal citations.


*The Girardville Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was started and continues to be held as a family event. Any inappropriate behavior will be quickly corrected by parade staff and security elements.


*Law Enforcement personnel and Parade Officials have been instructed to look out for problem individuals or groups who are disorderly, littering or extremely intoxicated. Such individuals or groups will be asked to leave the parade area, risk the chance being cited or taken into custody by law enforcement personnel.